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Still without Internet. It looks like I won’t have it til the end of October but I am loving the new house and am still playing my game so expect some pictures when I get back.

I’m also having some TS4 family commitment issues. The Blooms haven’t held my interest for long and truth be told I just miss my Periwinkles. I am going to be trying a Periwinkle AU and branch off from the family. I don’t know whether it will stick or not though.

How is everyone?

Jess began visiting more and it didn’t take long for Sam to woo her. They promised themselves and then took a commemorative selfie.

Bee has been painting more and more masterpieces and has almost mexed out her LTW. Both Bee and Eric enjoyed their last couple of days before their Elder birthdays.

Once aged, I decided Eric should quit his job and focus on collecting full time. He was only in the gamer career to unlock stuff anyway. Instead, he has taken up woodwork.