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With a few promotions under their belts the Blooms invested in a maid who hardly ever actually shows up. Although every time I do anything outside of the house I’m told she has been and get charged. 

Sam is trying to reach level 4 in 4 skills in order to get on better at school which I find highly disastrous as the speed of the game runs so fast that he shall never achieve it. Still, he has been having a lovely time with Jess who has been popping around after school.

As for the parents, Eric has been upgrading some plumbing around the house in an effort to stop the constant water leakages and Bee painted her very first Masterpiece! 

Eric aged up and Sam met the lovely Jess Simmons. Aged down by me so he can get to know her better. She’s a gem by paperfriendd ♥ Sad that she doesn’t get her purple hair til she’s a teen though.