The Cookie Jar was requested by nervoussimblr. They requested a bakery for Pandora with lots of outdoor seating. I was able to use CC for this request so I went to town with Sandy’s stuff and everything I used was free. The sign I made myself and it’s included in the zip in both simlish and english (original mesh by Sandy at ATS).

Shopping list:

Pastry Display |Tartelette Meringuee | Donut | Pain Au Raisins

Bagel | Brownie | Macaron | Foret-Noire

Modern Art Cafe Menu

My Paper Heart - Original Size

The lot is 20 x 16 and designated as a “hangout”. You will need Ambitions, Showtime, World Adventures and Late Night for it to show up like in the pictures. I do have all the EP’s and SP’s except for sweet treats so hopefully none of the textures look off.

Download here.

I hope you like it!

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