Yeeeeeeeees, let it lure you back innnnn

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what world do you usually play in? and what are your favorite worlds?

I have been playing in Fillyfoal’s Eltham’s Drift since it was released. I absolutely adore it, it’s a good size (not too big, not too small) and has updated lots for the EP’s that came out afterwards. I highly recommend. You can get the world at GOS here. The Festival Grounds is here if you have Seasons and some Supernatural extras are here.

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Can I ask where you found the Hemnes set that you're using? I've been looking for one that works with pets but haven't been able to find a decent one. Thanks! :)

Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been simming at all for about 3 months and kept forgetting to log in. If you are still looking then I got my Ikea set from the lovely Sandy at Around the Sims. You can find the bedroom set I always use here.

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!!! I’ve missed you and your legacy!
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OMGYAAAY! You’re back and the Periwinkles are back!

Awww, thanks! I’m still without my games and totally forgot I copied my remaining screenies onto my laptop LOL so I have more pictures to post!

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I wanted to know if you'd mind if I only changed the skin of one of your periwinkles, like to make them white or black? I understand if you don't want them changed them though :)

That’s fine with me :) I don’t mind you changing the skintone. How sweet of you to message me and ask ♥

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lemonjelly has the cutest Sims! I’ve been following this legacy since day #1, and look at them now! 5th generation!!!…

You spoil me with your Periwinkle love Sandy *hugs*

Anonymous asked you: Hii!! Where did you download the mod that quit the mosaic that appears when sims gonto bath??

I’ve had a couple of asks about this pop into my inbox. I use the decensor that comes as a part of awesomemod. If you don’t use awesomemod you can try the decensor mod by twallan.

Anonymous asked you: Where the hell did you get Snow´s new dress??It´s just GORGEOUS :O

It’s by the lovely Maria/KaboomSims. I’m obsessed with it and you can get it here.

Anonymous asked you: your pictures are always perfect, do you use a lighting mod?

Hi Anon, thank you :) No I don’t use a lightning mod, I do use Fillyfoals updated lighting for Eltham’s Drift though.

Anonymous asked you: Would you please share mabel with us? i like her alot.

Hey Anon, Mabel was actually made by Mayberries and is up for download here. Enjoy! :)